See 'Jesus Christ'
Holy fucking Moses! It's Ima Doofus! I think we ought to give him money.
by asdf December 12, 2003
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Infamous doofus featured in Rick and Morty. Jerry's best friend (poor Jerry's best friend is a frickin' doofus. R.I.P Jerry's social life)
Summer: Ha ha, Dad likes Doofus Rick!
Rick: Gotta share this on the Twitter!
by HELBOIZ April 10, 2017
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This is a chuckle that sounds like the way a bobble-head doll would laugh after being tweaked. It has a certain amount of Mortimer Snerd in it. When the doofus executes this laugh correctly, said doofus will tend to drool on himself and possibly others. This is not a problem unless the entity who is drooled upon is a carrier of the Doofus gene. What happens then, you don't even want to know. But because this is a dictionary, I have to tell you.
A genetic match of drool and fool results in reverse cool. It's not a pretty sight. For example, the doofusse's (or Doofigh's) very existence can implode. In this implosion one can break out into slobbering tears like Rep. John Boehner did recently. That was a fine example of a Doofus laugh "gone south AND sissy."
by the pro from dover January 12, 2011
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