Dontai is an extremely SMART kid. He is the sexiest guy out there yet humble at the same time. He's always right no matter how many times people say he's wrong
I want to be just like Dontai
by Djchamps March 13, 2018
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(noun) Tall, Skinny.
He think he's hot, but he's NOT. (well maybe a little)

SOO conceited.
He loves Rihanna.
Oh...that's just DOnTAI
by Getitbiiitch October 15, 2010
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The most pengest, tallest boy ever. Everyone loves him and his... is so big. No one can compete against him.
I love Dontai so much
by Bigrex94 July 3, 2020
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Dontai is described as a man of honor loyalty and is probably a very strict father and he only has sex when he has a strap on dildo because his penis is small and he has a big overbite.
that small dot looks like a dontai
by spirit_Daredevil February 1, 2017
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A Handsome and sexy guy who's funny,Smart and a good kisser.He's a wonderful person to be around and always help someone no matter what.
Dontay Is Handsome.
by PussyEater13 March 4, 2015
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Dontay - Nickname for a man that is changed forever by a woman
Guy 1: Man I miss Don, what happened to that guy?
Guy 2: Don? He's gone. His new name is Dontay
by haxhkis September 28, 2018
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