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A Handsome and sexy guy who's funny,Smart and a good kisser.He's a wonderful person to be around and always help someone no matter what.
Dontay Is Handsome.
by PussyEater13 March 04, 2015
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Dontay - Nickname for a man that is changed forever by a woman
Guy 1: Man I miss Don, what happened to that guy?
Guy 2: Don? He's gone. His new name is Dontay
by haxhkis September 28, 2018
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Dontay is a tall half Filipino/Half Black boy who will be the nicest guy you will ever meet. Give him all the attention now and he will return all that love to you years later. If your a sexy girl and you know it, he will become your number one fan. He will treat you in ways that you crush never will. He will call you "Sexy Hawaiian Princess and say on your Instagram "You are very attractive. There is no flaw in Dontay at all. Even if he tells you the truth. Love a Dontay with all your heart and he will keep you in his life. Disciplines himself to work support himself. Drives a car and operates like most people your age. Hes in your grade and although he doesnt go to your school anymore, he stilll has access to a lot of people. If he one day talks to you and ask if your Filipino, you will one day feel like its a calling from the Gods. If your hot, a Dontay will just get horny on you for a month and even send you things that will never cause harm to you. A Dontay is never one to betray anyone, only if you are something that won't get along with him. He will comment on all of your pictures because he is a good friend like that. If you know you posted an ugly picture or a hot bikini, it will all show through his life changing comments. A Dontay deserves all the respect he gives. So if he ever talks to you and wants to hang with you, go with it. He loves and loves realistically and compassionately.
I remember that day Dontay spoke to me. It was almost like I was meeting someone exceptional.
by ChristianQueen March 17, 2018
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he one which is fine and dates a girl name ally
damn dontay, wow dontay, look at dontay and ally
by glee2000 November 07, 2017
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A person that hates tall people but has a crush on most tall people a strict guy and a hot mess
Tyrone:ewwwww short people

Dontay:fuck. You bitch
Tyeria :We good
Tyrone:I told you short people wierd
by By tall tyrone February 14, 2018
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The very definition of a pussy. He hits girls just because and he has no filter. It'd be best if you avoided any guy named Dontay.
Person 1: Woah,did you see the way he hit her?!
Person 2: Such a Dontay thing to do...
by Ya'll are trippin' March 22, 2017
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