To fuck a person from behind and pound on their head and back like crazy.
Mrs. Patel loves to be donkey konged cuz she's a dirty whore.

Next time I see Mark I'm gonna wear a strap-on and fo sho he'll be donkey konged like the little bitch he is.
by anal shah January 3, 2009
to violently remonstrate against someones stupidity in a controlled environment (like the office) by banging ones fists on their chair or body whilst standing above and behind them
Michael was furious at Eddie's stupidity and came out of his office and gave him the fucking best donkey kong that he has in years
by Macktown July 16, 2018
dk donkey Kong dk donkey Kong is here hes the leader of the bunch you know him well hes finally back to kick some tail hes bigger faster and stronger too hes the first member of the dk crew .
oh man that donkey kong is such a hunk i hope he does the poo poo in my mouth

ps hes hot
by mac and cheese sex is great January 26, 2018
Donkey Konging is used as a verb.

1. Informal term to convey that one is playing the game Donkey Kong.
2. Any type of vag obliterating sexual technique.
3. Donkey Kong, Donkey Konging, or Donkey Konged can be substituted for almost any verb to spice up your sentences and make everything you say sound

1. I was Donkey Konging myself all last night.

2. I was Donkey Konging my girlfriend last night and boy, were there flecks of vagina and blood all over the walls!

3. I'm going to Donkey Kong you when I get there.
by projectilevomiting January 24, 2010
A popular and classic video game produced in 1981. Often considered one of the greatest video games ever made due to its simple gameplay, revolutionary sounds and graphics and universal appeal. The original name of the game was called "Monkey Kong", but due to a faxing error from the U.S. to Japan before the game was to be completed, Donkey Kong was born.

Donkey Kong also starred a then unknown hero named Mario, who, four years later in 1985 would receive his very own adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, thus launching an entire new revolution in video games.

It also passed down a generation when in 1994, Donkey Kong Country was released to the Super Nintendo, thus claiming its own legendary legacy in the gaming world.

Rightfully amazing. Never duplicated. Donkey Kong.

Mortal Kombat sucks compared to Donkey Kong.
Kid: Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever.

Billy Madison: I disagree, it's a very good game, but i think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.

Kid: Donkey Kong sucks.

Billy Madison: You know something? YOU SUCK!
by getinthevan November 18, 2007
An affirmative response to a plan of action, or a challenge/bet, short for "It's on like Donkey Kong."
Person 1: "Do you want to go for a pint?"
Person 2: "Sure. Aikmans, 8 o'clock?"
Person 1: "Donkey Kong."
by menzelmenzel February 1, 2011
A platform game born in 1981, one of the first of it's type, by Japanese company Nintendo.

The unexpected side of Eminem.
Dude, I just saw Eminem's Donkey Kong score on twitpic! Woah that guy has an alter ego!
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010