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A man who can steal any girls heart with just a glance. He has a gorgeous smile and generally has good intentions. If you've met a Donivan then keep him close. They are hard to come by and definitely leave an imprint on your life.
"I met a really cute guy"
"what was his name? Donivan I bet"
by pseudonym56321482909194 September 20, 2017
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The best person to be around! Time you see him you are in love no girl can resist him. His eyes are just gems. He’s normally a very good kisser. He a very outgoing guy, he’s happy all the time, and he cares about everyone. He is a leader.
I just with I could date donivan, but he’s got a line of girls wanting him.
by Chick_fl_a_lover December 19, 2017
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A bitch ass boy who is all bark with no bite. Usually white if the name isn’t spelled as “Donavan” so usually they think they are black just bc they have a “black name
Her: yea donivan is cute but he is mentally retarded and I think he act like that on purpose
Donivan: HeY WhT dO YOu MeAn I’m MentaLly RETarded
by Michelleobama041 February 23, 2018
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