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WOW. Beautiful skin. Body perfection and all natural. Erotic lips and eyes. So sexy. Smile lights up your day. Laugh is infectious. She's addictive and so funny. Keeps the kindest, warmest heart even when treated unfairly. A breath of fresh air. Lucky to know her. Luckier to love her. Classy!
Amazing woman. She's a Donia!
by SpaMan38 August 14, 2011
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donia, a gorgeous creature, not of this earth, but a seductive faery. She lives to tease, yet can capture u with just a look of her eyes. she can be happi and freindly, and angry and dangerous. aka.... dangerous beauty.... she can also be an angel
"I have to so fuck her one of these days"

"Am i still drooling?"

"Chris's angel"
by natasha March 29, 2005
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a really cool girl with loadsa talent and is a good friend 2 have and 1 day sshe will take over the world - just you wait and see
donia is the best
by DoNiA October 05, 2003
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A word meaning Amazing. a girl not known to mankind. shes beautiful beyond belief.Her personality is unlike one you'll ever find. once found you will never want to let go. her eyes are irresistable. shes funny and makes everyone laugh. she is unlike anyone you will ever meet. she is the world to you and will always have respect for those who show respect. but never betray her because she is strong and powerful and could be the biggest bitch!
"My life goal is to meet a donia"
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Donia is a girl who can't be trusted.
Tell her ANYTHING, It'll be told to someone else.

I will say she may be pretty,and smart,
But she will talk behind your back.

She's the type to judge if your pretty or not,
Your weight. Let's just call her, "Mean Girl.":)
Girl one- "oh who's that girl who talked behind your back?"

Girl two- "That was Donia!"
by Moonlightbea November 02, 2017
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