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A super gay couple with 2 people from a band called Why Don’t We. Daniel Seavey and Jonah Marais are both secretly dating so their ship name is #Donah. Some people still ship Janiel ( Jack and Daniel) but they are obviously blind because Daniel is with his true love Jonah.

OMG Donah is really cute just look at them.
Daniel Seavey and Jonah Marais look good together , Donah must be real
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The sexual act of taking human or dog excrement, rubbing it on ones face in the shape of a mustache and "chinstache", and refusing to wash it off for extended periods of time.
That kid jonah was doing the donah last school year until we got tied him down and washed it off of him. Man, that kid LOVES shit on his face.
by shmuelsssclass February 23, 2009
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