Used commonly after someone says a bad word.
Person 1: What the f**k is this?
Person 2: Don't say that!
by Matthew678 April 4, 2019
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Used to express sarcasm when someone states the obvious, or states a fact that has been delivered like a second ago
Fat man:Dude, I think I have become fat
Dude:You don't say
by cagedidiot July 25, 2013
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literally speaking it is just another way of saying a very commonly and aptly used phrase "NO SHIT". it is when stating the blatant obvious and saying it as if it was just thought of on the spot. It is used to show distaste in a rather sarcastic and underhanded way and if said properly can be funny to no ends.

a master of this would be Christoffer!!
person 1- sir i dont think the bomb exploded
Person 2- what gave that away, the lack of noise? or the lack of mushroom? or the lack of the afterwave?
person3- it was the no mushroom for me.
person4- you don't say!!!

at an airport gate waiting to be let into the flight
Person 1- so dude we are going on gate number 15 rite?
person 2- oh yeah so lets join the queue for gate 15.
after reaching the near end of the line
person 3- i think we have reached our gate
person 1 and 2- You don't say!!
by ronnie1234 November 5, 2010
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An expression which appears in rage comics as a cartoonized version of Nicolas Cage. The phrase is a response to anything obvious and functions the same as "No shit, Sherlock" and "thank you captain obvious".
Some guy: I'll tell you a big fact.
Me: And... what is it?
That very guy: Stars don't blink! It's the atmosphere that makes stars look like if they blink!
Me: You don't say?
by Definitiosis January 6, 2013
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Coined by Justin Bieber, this term allows anyone to get out of any situation where they don't know what on Earth they're talking about.
Guy 1: Hey did you sleep with my girlfriend last night?

Guy 2: Your girlfriend?

Guy 1: Yeh my girlfriend...

Guy 2: Uhh... we don't say that in America

Guy 1: Ok dude that's cool then.

Guy 2: *fuck yes*
by skip-jkt May 5, 2010
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a dumbbutt who can't sing, act, or well, yeah she can look like
ona my buddy buds broz saw her and he said shez a beeeeaatch and a bigass!
by natalie October 11, 2003
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