What someone says when JASH is about to shoot. Usally when someone says don't shoot it's because a piece is pointed at their head.

What people say when they see JASH, 50 cent, or any other rapper.

Don't shoot is associated with the song "Warning Shots"
Bank Clerk " Don't shoot, Don't shoot!"
JASH" Don't tell me not to shoot!"
by you name can't be blank June 19, 2009
probably one of the best/worst time waster games ever made. involves a puppy a cannon and maybe the occasional red ball.
Man, I was playing don't shoot the puppy the other day and I about crapped myself it was so fun.

Ever heard of don't shoot the puppy? no? Good, let's keep it that way...
by jolly saint hick January 30, 2009
A term that is used to basically tell you "please don't get mad at me for saying this."
"Hey bro, don't shoot the messenger here, but I think my car might be out of gas."
by Suburbanz71 November 8, 2017
The rallying cry of protestors trying to paint a criminal as an innocent victim.
Lindsay: There was a hands up don't shoot rally over in Mt Vernon last night
Keith: Yeah, I saw. A bunch of hipsters and gangbangers finally found some common ground
Lindsay: There was a shooting. One of the protestors shot another.
Keith: Does that mean there's going to be another rally tomorrow?
Lindsay: No, the guy who got shot was white
by FriendOrFlake November 26, 2014
Mike: Hey dude I'm going to steal from Walmart, they wont stop shoplifters! (true)
Joe: Calm down man, Don't shoot the car!
by MakfromCali9109202 November 30, 2008
When you get bad news while eating your dinner.
(Eating dinner)(K to Steve)
K: I just got news that Oliver succumb to disease.
Steve: When did this happen?
K: About an Hour ago
Steve: Lets get the Family together. I was just eating my dinner.
K: Hey, I'm just a messenger.

Don't shoot the cook.
by Thatfatgirl1985. October 17, 2017