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Dominic's World is Melissa. She makes him the happiest man all day everyday. She's so beautiful and her smile will make you melt. There's nothing better than having her as your world. She is the truest of peaches and will make your day every time. I love her very much. She's the greatest person to ever roam this earth and she's Dominic's entire world. She makes his heartbeat out of his chest with her amazing natural beauty. Nothing is better than Melissa I say that with the fullest of heart. She'll make you smile in the darkest of hours and you'll just love to spend everyday with her. She's worth the whole world I'd give anything for her just say the word. After all what wouldn't you do for someone who means the world to you.
Dominic's World will forever and always be Melissa.
by Dominicg July 20, 2018
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