The result of rolling oneself into a blanket, simulating a human burrito; commonly practiced by children and abnormally small adults.
I never knew making doinkers with Priscilla could be so much fun!
by Da Punkin October 8, 2016
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The fattest of fattest joints in the galaxy. Can only be rolled with rawthentic rolling papers. Only the best of the best can roll doinkers.
Sully can roll some fucking fat doinkers man
by 420BackwardsBlazeIt January 28, 2019
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White silly boy with a tendency to get burnt when exposed to the sun light. You can identify them easily as they have a very big penis. If you have one under your care you must know their diet is strictly based on steroids and powder.
-Suh dude.

-Oh, look! Is that a tomato?
-No, it’s just a doinker...
by Doinka69 April 28, 2019
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The term used to express the sight of someone that resembles a vagrant, tramp or someother rough variation of a homeless person
Look out, he's abit of a doinker!
Oh wow, he IS doink
by Mightylate December 5, 2018
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A small insignificant roll/portion of something - (ie, cover, poly, toilet paper, penis etc)
"I don't want that f-ing doinker - give me a big roll.

"He's got such a doinker!"
by Terilynn78 April 14, 2010
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doinker stands for anything you want it to when regular words are too boring, or when you forget the correct word.
Hey guys, the delivery of doinkers just arrived. Once you're done fixing the doinkers let me know. Maybe tonight we'll go to that doinker bar and I'll buy everyone some shots of Turkey 101.
by creature69 January 31, 2021
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A short young chubby girl, usually dressed oddly, and often evoking a mild sense of pity.
The bee-girl from the Blind Melon video No Rain is clearly a doinker.
by thoughtless pig September 14, 2006
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