Basically the short hand formed of "What are you Doing?" Can be used as a text, in person, on the phone, on Instant Messaging, basically anyway you want.
Guy to Friend at a bar: Doing?
Friend: Drinking, then going to hit on that girl over there.
by Nilosuperstar March 31, 2009
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Teacher: Who knows what the walking bass line is?
Student: Does it go "do do do do do do do do"?
Teacher: IT does well done
by Emma Swan bitch January 17, 2018
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A brand of cough sweets produced in the 1980s. Excessive consumption caused effects similar to those of speed.
And you're standing at the chemist in Boots
Coughing up your guts like you're at deaths door
All this for a packet of Do-Dos
by Clifftoru January 11, 2009
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an abbreviation of indo which is slang for marijuana
im finna go pick up some do do
by fotweny November 10, 2004
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Do do aint slang for marijuana it's a type of dro(hydro)
Nigga1:Ay Homie! can you get that do do?
Nigga2:yea $20 a g.
by Reppin Screwston July 11, 2006
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It means having oral, anal, or regular sex.
stacy: why are katie and mark taking so long to get the movies out of the basement?

kristen: i guarantee theyre doing the do down there.
by xxomgthisisisisxxx June 21, 2010
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