A very disgusting taint that is almost as hairy as a doge
I heard about this guy who had the slimiest dogue I’ve ever seen
by Harrydogue February 21, 2020
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The word dogue is derived from a picture of two dogs modelling for “dogue” looking all fancy. Fancy is a synonym for dogue, meaning dogue came first. Dogue fucking rules!
This Eid will be so dogue.
Dogue urdu dude !
Mann we are so dogue, I swear.
Shakespeare is so dogue in his writings.
This definition is pretty dogue.
by Dogue Williams June 02, 2019
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A "dogue" is a 4-legged barking creature that is often furry, poops several times a day, and eats dogue food.
I had to take the dogue out for a walk before i left for my doctors appointment.

Look at that little dogue in the window!

That dogue poop smells TERRIBLE.
by DWC December 14, 2005
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the area of skin between a mans nutsack and asshole, also know as the gooch or chode
A spring came through the seat in my car and it pinched my dogus.
by P-dogg August 18, 2006
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This basically stands for someone who will cry once he has made love to any female/male with his micropenis.

He loves a good reacharound and gives a stupendous rusty hook.
"Hey that is a real Dogus move"
by seanmadethisforfun October 16, 2019
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Hot dog in japanese.
First appeared in Filthy Frank Show, said by Safari Man.

Also song and animation meme on YouTube.
Do you wanna hot dog?
No, I want hotto dogu!
by Rinkelitar June 18, 2017
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Turkish phrase meaning "smelly and soapless".
If you don't bathe for a week and reek of urine, there is a good chance you are dogus balbay.
by jesterhall December 23, 2008
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