We can handle this like we got some class, or we can into some gangster shit.
by anon March 3, 2005
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Psychological issues unique to Da Life; "baggage".
Woman with Gangster: "You nevah evah tell me that you love me! I am so tired of dealin' wid yo' gangsta shit!"

Gangster: "Yo, Baby, please don't be trippin' like dat - I'm not so good at representin', I know, but my parents' nevah showed me no luv. Or what luv I did get was entirely conditional. It's my shit, I'm a gangsta, I got to deal wid it, I know."
by Truth2Power September 5, 2004
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What white kids say when they do something their over protective parents tell them to not do.
I walked to the gas station when my parent weren't home. GANGSTER SHIT
by Chips2020 January 10, 2017
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Cus if u diint i ma have to dick you DO *bang* WN ON S *bang* OME GANGSTA *bang* SHIII mom gettin hit DIFF gangster shit
by niggerwiller September 29, 2023
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To go out and fight someone
Man 1: fuck u
Man 2: u want to get in some gangster shit?
by Brown iverson January 23, 2016
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