In UK slang terms the "dog's bollocks" means the best. It comes from the habit of male dog's licking their testicles (bollocks) and that they must taste good as they spend so much time in this activity.
The concert last night was the dog's bollocks.
by Robert Kingsley October 4, 2005
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According To the Early Twenty-First Century Commedian Eddie Izzard, The 'dog's bollocks' is a good compliment, as opposed to 'bollocks' which is a bad compliment.
"Your Majesty the Queen, that dress your wearing is the dog's bollocks!" -Eddie Izzard
by Mister Fred November 30, 2003
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bollocks n. are testicles. The word is in pretty common use in the UK and works well as a general "surprise" expletive in a similar way to bugger. The phrase "the dog's bollocks" is used to describe something particularly good (yes, good) - something like "see that car - it's the dog's bollocks, so it is". We also describe a big telling-off as a bollocking, and additionally use the word to mean "rubbish" (as in "well, that's a load of bollocks").
"see that car - it's the dog's bollocks"
by strega_rossa June 24, 2005
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British slang meaning one of the following.

1) To be the best example of its kind.

2) Dog testicles.

3) An alcoholic drink that can be found somewhere in most pubs or bars in the UK.
"The new Rolls-Royce phantom is the dogs' bollocks."

"The dogs' bollocks are gone, someone castrated him"

"No-one drinks the dogs bollocks, we just stock it because we like the name."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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Top class. Can not be bettered.

Derives from the fact that there is nothing a dog likes to do more than to lick his own bollocks.

Can also be shortened to simply "The Bollocks", but beware, as without the definite article bollocks means pretty much the opposite.
by Andy March 15, 2004
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