Mr. A: Those Koreans eat too many dogs.

Mr. B (A Korean): ...The spaghetti e polpette last night was the dogs bollocks.

Mr. A: Oh, ok... *wonders if he is speaking literally*
by Mr. Wun Hung Low March 18, 2008
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Dogs Bollocks is a Digital Web Development Agency in Knutsford, Cheshire, that uses the rather widely used vulgar slang phrase.
Dogs Bollocks | Web Development & Marketing
by mrchessplayer22 January 23, 2018
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when you have the absolute best possible hand in texas holdem
that silly mfer is so dumb hed fold the dogs bollocks if you put him all in
by nick_pepper October 09, 2004
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This has been defined elsewhere, correctly, as British slang for "the best".

The interesting thing about its possible origin is that the word cynosure, meaning "something brilliant that attracts attention" derives from two Greek words, Kynos (meaning "dog's" or "of the dog") + oura (meaning "tail"). This meaning of "the dog's tail" was used at one time to refer to the constellation Ursa Minor, which is bright and attracts attention.

So: did some classically-versed wag originate the phrase?
"My new video card is the dog's bollocks"
by Mickjo April 21, 2012
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the dogs bollocks
originally Biker slang -coined Combo Pete/Andy Lights c 1983 at J Riddle gig and EVS benefit.

orig Rats Bollocks after "Nemo" the rat.
alternatively the mutz nutz

useage denoting the largest or best
by Andy Scofield March 23, 2006
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Outstanding - from 'stands out like dogs bollocks'. Can be shortend to just 'the bollocks' and maintain its meaning, not to be confused with 'a load of bollocks' which has the complete opposite meaning
'now I've gas flowed the head of my Yamaha it's the dog's bollocks'

'Ive tried those tytes on the Ducati but the're a load of bollocks
by Richard King January 06, 2004
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