When a girl's sucking your dick and you pet her hair like you would pet a dog. Not to be confused with doggy style.
It's too bad that when that hooker does it dog style her bite is worse than her bark.
by Tikibarberfan July 29, 2010
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Dog Style is the same as "Doggystyle", however, it is a more appropriate term because "Doggy" is somewhat of a misnomer. Children call dogs "doggy", but adults (who have the actual sex) would refer to dogs as "dogs."
Woman: Phew! That was a real reaming!
Man: Yeah! Should we try to go right from reverse cow girl into dog style?
Woman: Boo yeah! I'll get on all fours!
Man: I'll enter from behind. I love dog style.
by G$ and S-T-U January 9, 2005
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When you have sex in the doggystyle position but the male is laying down on top of the female instead of kneeling behind her while she is kneeling and bent over. Almost like missionary but with the female laying face down.
Female: Do me from behind! NOW!
Man: Okay, but my legs are tired! We gotta do it Lazy Dog Style.
by King Bologna May 15, 2009
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a sexual act of using ones penis to slide up and down their partners ass crack or vagina slit using full length of their cock. The penis is never inserted into the anus or vagina.
I miss when I was back in high school and when we used to mess around it was always hot dog style! It was a lot less scary cause it didn't matter if the condom broke, or if I even wore one!
by A.K., T-Flo January 5, 2013
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Just like regular dog style except you do not smell of it first.
Hey Britney, what say we go a round semi-dog style.
by Ski Boy January 8, 2004
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The way Christian girls have sex so that they can preserve their v-cards. Normally, the guy just puts it between her legs rather than actually in her vagina.
"Hey Mary Ellen, did you hook up with Chad?"
"Yeah, but we just did it hot-dog style, so Jesus isn't mad!"
by hellfire lady November 14, 2016
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