A very talented youtuber (doddleoddle) who is very open to her audience about her depression and depersonalisation. Dodie is a very down to earth person aswell. She does song writing and puts her songs on her channel and has recently brung out an EP named intertwined. Dodie is so beautiful and once you watch one of her videos you will instantly fall in love with her.
My favourite Dodie song from her EP would have to be "Life Lesson" or "absolutely smitten"
by xjesscrystalx March 12, 2017
Dodie, another term for marijuana.
Lemme cop some dodies bruh
by xDefiancebruh January 10, 2011
An amazing, talented woman who I aspire to be

Dodie Is amazing!
Did you listen to Burned out?
by ANumbLover February 15, 2018
Greek for smokin HOT!!! Tall, blonde, gorgeous!! The most intelligent, athletic, kind-hearted woman. Able to keep her man satisfied anytime. Honest and a good friend.
Hey did you see that Dodie that just walked in?
Yeah she is smokin hot!!
by Big Bad Bobbe Boy February 5, 2010
Dumbass, prick, bitch-ass bitch, basic, lame, dumb, wanna-be, loser
Willie wanted to leave 6 flags to be home for dinner by 8pm...what a dodie
by Sharituh November 25, 2019
A skanky bitch that fucks and steals other women's husbands!
Dodie is such a whore, she stole Carol's husband
by PipeDream February 8, 2010
To strike a male in the scrotom.
The word is also used as a sarcastic warning when delivering the painful blow.
Jason yelled dodie as he hit jeffery in the nut's.
by benny_64 February 18, 2009