Just like space docking except with a toe. The act of placing your foresking over your partners toe.

Aka doing the Buck Rodgers.
Guy 1: So totally got my missus last night with a Buck Rodgers.
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: I totally space docked her toe while she wasnt looking.
Guy 2: "High-Five" Toe docking, way to go you creep.
Guy 1: Cheesy grin...
by Legen-Dezza March 10, 2016
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When two men use a pocket pussy at the same time to simulate bottoming out.The act commences when one man ejaculates into the other man’s urethra.
Bjoe and troll2fan were super docking in the film booth at the sex shop because they couldn’t afford separate pocket pussies.
by DontBeTodd March 14, 2018
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Where you take an uncircumcised penis and a circumcised penis and put the two tips together then pull the skin of the uncircumcised penis over the top of the circumcised penis and ejaculate at the same time.
Jim over there likes to sloppy sock dock all of his friends
by LeapOfFaith69 July 30, 2016
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The act of turning off the water to a toilet, then flushing the water out of bowl and tank. After this is accomplished, take you poop in said dry commode.
I did the Dry Dock to that bitch Tami before I left her house. It's going to take a jackhammer to get that shit off the bowl!
by The cocks December 12, 2019
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"tropi dock" a banana is wrapped in banana tinfoil then frozen
"Tropi Dock" a banana is wrapped in a tinfoil placed in a freezer for 24 hours then used as a sex toy.
"Tropi Dock "
by tropi doctor April 17, 2009
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A phrase that means lubrication during or for sexual intercourse using referring to male genitalia.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
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