mate: Are you going to Do A Bit tnite or what?
mate2: correct

mate3: did u Do A Bit last nite?
mate4: incorrect did you?
mate3: correct! she juiced all over my face
by Ivan1989 March 06, 2008
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The act of dressing up in unusual attire or reciting unpopular memes or phrases as an attempt to gain attention or be comedic in a social group setting.
*Comes out in sexy Santa lingerie on Chirstmas*

"What are you doing bro?"

"Don't worry I'm doing a bit. It's pretty sicko mode if you ask me."
by whatsausernames December 15, 2020
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"Did you hear about jake?"
"Yeah he pulled her"
"Yeah to be fair he is doing bits"

"She said yes"
"No way did she"
"Well done mate, you have done bits there"
by Bitsmaster2k13 October 13, 2013
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Friends with benefits. When you 'do bits' with someone you are friends with benefits.
"yooooooooooooooo, You is fine girl. You wanna do bits?"
"Yea, me and her are doing bits."
"Let's do bits, but don't catch feelings."
by expectro patronum March 30, 2018
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Having sexual relations with somebody up until the point of sexual intercourse.
'Mate, what did you get up to last night with that lass?'

'Just been doing bits, so I fingered her pal'
by Goddess888 June 19, 2018
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A phrase used by people doing little with their lives to express they're doing something good in a subtle, modest manner.

Mainly used by the great unwashed, and commonly referring to drug dealing.
"Hey Charlie, fancy a McDonalds?"
"Yes. Let's go!"
'Doing bits ain't we Charlie"
by 10decisions July 12, 2018
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wanking into a pot at a sperm clinic in order to make test tube babies.
'Been down the sperm clinic again Bert?'
'Just doing my bit for the child effort Roland.'
by TCourtzone January 18, 2008
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