An upcoming movie that is too kickass to define on urban dictionary. Basically, aliens come to earth accidentally, and humans provide them with a hunk of earth called district 9.
Go watch District 9 or I'll sic a rabid polar bear on you.
by iliketoeatyourbabies August 13, 2009
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a cool stray kids song that you should probably stream.
you know i know, lee know
Talk talk, people talk too much
What what, saying nonsense
All the nagging and cursing, please stop
Whether I do well or not, I’ll take care of myself

Actually, I don’t know myself
It’s frustrating, I’m always worrying
Answer me
Give me an answer, a clear answer please
If you can’t then please stop interfering
This is our jungle
In here, we move according to our own rules
My district, District 9
by Anonymous Bitchesss September 7, 2019
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Used to describe any movie/film that the pre-release movie trailer does not accurately represent the content of the actual movie. In the case of a District 9, this turns out to be a pleasant surprise, as it wasn't what you expected, but it's still good, if not great.

This is the opposite of a U.S. Marshals, in which a film is made to look much better/funnier than it actually is, suckering you into wasting your time on it. Many comedies are guilty of this tactic.
Example Films: District 9 (2009), Law Abiding Citizen (2009), Cop Out (2009)

Opposite example films: U.S. Marshals (1998), Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009), The Clearing (2004), A History of Violence (2005)

Sample use of the phrase: Yeah, that movie District 9'd me. I totally didn't see that coming from the trailer, but it worked!

I kept hoping it would pull a District 9 on me, but nope, the only good things about it were in the trailer.

I thought <MOVIE TITLE> was going to District 9 on me, but instead we got US Marshall'd.
by Ravens_OH June 14, 2010
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Stray Kids, a popular South Korean pop group made a song called District 9. The song is a bop and you should give it a listen! Stray kids everywhere around the world, you make stray kids stay!
StrayKidsFan1: Hey have you heard District 9 yet?
Fan2: Yeah I love it! Who's your bias?
by Hello_nct December 15, 2019
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A term adapted from the movie to signify an impoverished and tough neighborhood. It was first used to describe the Punjabi district of Moga.
Young Jatt: "Ay yo my nigga what you reppin?"

Jerry: "Nigga im from that 213 ride up on niggas cuz im used to that District 9 shit."
by Young Gurpreet July 8, 2013
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Definition: A 'district' of very poorly built, yet manageable homes for the alien species known as prawns. Soon after the prawns were accommodated into District 9, it was noticed that they soon turned it into something that their home would look like. (Laboratories, egg nests, food preparation, etc.) The Prawns then started trading weapons and food with humans, and became almost entirely independent, showing less respect towards the humans.

Movie: A movie that came out in 2009 showing the events following the arrival of the prawns in District 9. It shows the behavior of prawns, which is very, VERY similar to humans, especially with the aliens using slang and swear words. (Actually, these Anthropomorphic actions of the alien prawns are very satisfying to the furry mind, so if you are a furry, I recommend this movie.)

According to some articles on the internet, the movie District 9 apparently rose from the ashes of the Halo movie, seeing that the Halo movie was canceled. The producer and director decided to make a lower budget film after the Halo project died, so district 9 was born.

The funny thing is, in the middle of the District 9 movie, there is a scene with an alien and a human battling they're way through multiple enemies using foreign space weapons. Probably a little shout out to the Halo series, since the Halo bit didn't turn out as expected.
Prawn 1: FUCK District 9 man, the damn humans blew up my eggs yesterday!

Prawn 2: I know, this place is a dump. I have to search through the trash every day to find something to eat, cause we ran out of cows a month ago.
by 2009ends August 24, 2009
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A chair in a house where only the dog is allowed. A chair with a stink that nobody wants to sit on.
Human 1:Hey can i sit here?
Human 2:Noooo! Thats District 9! No humans can sit there.
by TaintDawgg69 June 12, 2010
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