(Teacher/Professor): Hey it would be an awsome April Fool's joke if we got them (students) to write 5000-15000 words on something completely pointless and make it worth half of their end result!

Other teacher/professor: yeah! omg that would be amazing let's call it a DISSERTATION...that'll get 'em

Then before you know it it becomes a compulsory aspect of your grade/degree

by onlymejustme April 2, 2009
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Refers to the process of researching and writing a dissertation. Used in place of similar descriptors, such as writing or studying, in order to emphasize the great scope and magnitude of the work taking place. Often used by graduate students to describe their work schedule.
Clarissa said she cannot attend the party because she needs to dissertate. For years it seems the only thing she has done is dissertate, and yet she still hasn't finished her PhD.
by ldowning August 11, 2009
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To actively work on a thesis, prospectus or dissertation.
Johnny is going to be dissertating in his study carrel in the library today.
by Groovy9113 October 1, 2009
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An idea that was spawned from the evil nasty dissertation monsters to make students fail university and waste three years of their life and lots of money
I have a 15000 word dissertation to hand in, in less than 72 hours Argh !
by DirkDiggler April 6, 2003
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A large piece of work , mainly done in the wee hours of the morning whilst drinking loads of coffee. Generally in the 10k++ word range
I got a friggen disertation to do and the handin is in 72 hours my god!!
by Jock Strap April 6, 2003
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verb: a thinly-veiled euphemism that advanced graduate students use to describe non-academic activities, often used with air quotes.
What were you doing at the bar yesterday afternoon? Oh, I was just "dissertating" *wink*.
by FlyGrl February 5, 2010
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Don't eat my dissertation.
by george stephans October 22, 2004
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