When a person is prohibited from pouring the shots due to drunkenness.
“Mary is disqualified because she keeps spilling the booze!”
by Ana1999 December 17, 2017
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An event or action in which you must immediatly drop the offending party.
Guy 1: "Why did everyone split on Jake last night"

Guy 2: "..After he said we should take beers to the ass I disqualified his ass"
by MR.DW December 18, 2008
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v. To soil one's underpants.

("to shit yer shortz")

past tense: disqualified
the act of disqualifying: disqualification
Tom was trying to sneak a fart out of his arse, but ended up disqualifying.

"Man, I was in the back of my chevy necking with my girl the other night and attempted a one-cheek sneak. I started laughing so hard I disqualified on the spot."
by ButtFuzz November 19, 2003
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Usually a business prospect that you are thinking about doing business with then after some insightful thinking you disqualify them before even discussing business matters with them.

Could also be a potential boyfriend or girlfriend whom you like then before you even approach him/her you find out something awful about him/her that you cannot stand, you automatically disqualify them from being your boyfriend or girlfriend before you even talk to him/her.
John: " Look at that girl, isn't she hot?! I'd make her my wife."

James: " Yeah she is hot. You don't know Mary? She used to be a man then dated a rich guy who paid for her sex change."

John: What? For real? She is pre-disqualified then!
by bonchk August 1, 2010
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