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A type of fart that is done while sitting, the one-cheek sneak is done by leaning to the side to let the gas excape. Very handy when sitting on a smooth, hard surface while wearing shorts, to prevent "hovercraft" sounds.
To avoid disrupting the classroom, Johnny let out a one-cheek sneak, and nobody was the wiser.
by Turnspike February 11, 2003
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the act of quietly squeezing out a fart when sitting down by leaning to the side slightly and raising one cheek.
My girlfriend always knows when I fart because even though I do the one cheek sneak, I always give it away with my farting facial expression. Not to mention that the room also smells like a fucking animal died in there!
by the prophet March 26, 2003
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An attempt to pass wind without making noise when in a seated position by leaning to one side while tensing one butt-cheek.
I had to fart in court so I busted the one cheek sneak.
by hoot rider November 19, 2009
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The art of lifting one ass cheek to slip out a silent fart.
Ugh something stinks in here man did you let out a onecheeksneak ?
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
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A George Carlin joke: You lift one butt cheek and muscle out a small fart. It would usually sound weak, unless you powerhouse it. Best for church.
Kid: Oh man *lifts one cheek and lets out a small fart*
Preacher: mmmm, sweet Jesus.
Kid: I call that one the one cheek sneak.
by The JoshMeister101 June 08, 2009
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When recieving oral from your partner, you tell that bitch to close his/her eyes and open his/her mouth (making him/her believe you are about to blow your load) then you turn around and expell vile ass fumes into your partners open mouth.
Yo dude, i gave that bitch from the bar a one cheek sneak she will never forget!

Hey dave, I totally just shit in this girls mouth, she never saw the ol one cheek sneak coming!
by Dirty Mike and the guys December 26, 2010
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