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1. An internet meme that is based around a gameplay element in the popular online sandbox/adventure game Minecraft where your character can punch trees to break them and collect their wood. This is a source of TV shirts and other internet jokes.

2. It can also be used perversively (like a That's What She Said joke).
3. It can also be used to say you're going to play Minecraft

1. Dude1: Why are you punching that tree
Dude2: They give me wood when I do this
Dude1: Bro that's only in Minecraft
2. Punching trees gives me a hard-on.
3. Dude1: Hey, I'm going to go punch some trees
Dude2: Talking about Minecraft?
Dude1: No... I'm just really mad right now.
Minecraft Meme Punching Trees Give Me Wood
by 2_Z_Zach July 10, 2012
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Disney Channel is a prime example of how wonderful television can be, when it comes to the ability the change the channel.
In reality, it is a trash heap filled with wasted potential and dumb stereotypes. Disney used to make wonderful animated classics like Aladdin, Toy Story, and Bug's Life. But now it contains a slew of unoriginal "comedies" with stereotypical characters and luagh-tracks every ten seconds to crap that is not funny at all.
Here's my proof:

*Expresses a phony high school enviroment so when the young viewers actually get there, they expect a G-Rated place, when it's anything but. (You also don't get to hang out of class for 20 minutes)
*Jokes are terrible
*Plots are all based around one thing: "normal" teenagers with a unique twist, (i.e. on a dance TV show, a pop star, WIZARDS)
*Also by some coincidence, all the actresses in real life become whores and drug addicts, (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato), and the actors all are faggots, (Joe Jonas, Phil Lewis), on the show and in the real world.
The only show that's good is Phineas & Ferb which is the only show that lasted longer than 4 seasons.
Disney Channel, Good Luck Charlie, Hannah Montana, Jessie, So Random!, Shake it Up!, etc.
by 2_Z_Zach June 18, 2012
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A comedy wiki that is quick to ban you. Accidentally erase a couple articles and they'll ban you, make a couple of unfunny posts and you're banned. Irritate the admins about your unfair ban...you guessed it! You're banned. Basically a community run by people with a loose trigger finger on the ban hammer. Then they vandalize pics of you with penises. (Trust me, experience).
Ban-happy Encyclopedia Dramatica
by 2_Z_Zach August 17, 2012
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a phony version of Wikipedia that is generated using Wikia that provides humorous articles about subjects, usually the articles have nothing to do with the real thing. Example: Dark matter being a sweetening.
Uncyclopedia Wikia
by 2_Z_Zach June 28, 2012
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