a person that has the lowest rank in the restaurant business. They usually scrape food off dishes, then rinse them then shove them through a dishwashing machine. Being a dishwasher sometimes means you work hard (but don't get appreciated.) It's a job you take until you find something better.
Chef: "Hey, dishwasher, where the fuck are the clean knives?"

Dishwasher: "I only have two arms and two legs!"
by Cooldude009 May 31, 2010
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When you get mad at your girl so you treat her as property.
Wife: get rid of your waifu posters
by Mr.Hitlerplsloveme May 17, 2018
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Feminist: I dont want to wash dishes anymore I'm important and useful
Man: Silly dishwasher Hippety Hoppity women are property!
by JerryJohan June 03, 2018
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woman. i.e.- girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother.
the dishwasher was broken so i slapped her and told her to get back to work
by ... May 18, 2003
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The worst job in the Restaurant business, and the lowest paying. Many people do it to start off and work their way up to a cook job, but quit due to the horrible conditions. Plus the staff don't care about you, or your goal of being a cook. They ignore you, while you spend hours cleaning pots and pans. Your arms and hands get covered in greasy dirty water, bits of cruddy food, and at the end of the day you smell horrible and your fingers are messed up from all the soap and chemicals. It's totally not worth the time or the paycheck. Avoid this job at all costs!!!
It's about time they made a machine that cleaned pots and pans instantly. Nobody wants to do Dish Washer work as a career.
by Metalhead83 December 01, 2011
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a superrior from of t-bagging. one places one's testis in the face of an inferior and begins to "acdivate the spin cycle". At this point the dish washer sipns around and squats up and down.
yo did u see that shit trav? i busted him with my D.eagle then dish washed his shit
by delta11 September 18, 2004
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