Intellectual dishonesty is the advocacy of a position known to be false. An argument which is misused to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence contrary.

The terms intellectually dishonest and intellectual dishonesty are often used as rhetorical devices in a debate; the label invariably frames an opponent in a negative light. It is a round about way to say "you're lying".

The statement that all hurricanes are caused by global warming is intellectually dishonest. Stating as fact that lung cancer is unrelated to cigarette smoking is intellectual dishonesty.
by GZuz July 14, 2006
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A band invented in 2021 at precisely 3:03 am. To prove that we can outsmart Jave Hapel Jave Karrison.
Who's up for a little smoke mirrors aka mongs mugs and dishonesty.
by Mong Regulators June 09, 2021
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Formal wear such as a suit and tie. Generally seen on politicians, lawyers, used car salesmen and others commonly believed to be dishonest but who use it in an attempt to appear trustworthy.
My family demanded I wear my dishonesty garb to the funeral.
by decianfalx May 20, 2021
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