To be messy, but in a knowing way, as to want happen.
I spend hours in front of the mirror, making my hair elegantly disheveled.
by KattyAsWeKnow February 10, 2008
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adj. Generic term describing a confused individual; in a confused mental state; temporarily incapable of functioning normally within society due to confusion; temporarily incapable of basic hygiene due to confusion.
"He was in a severely disheveled state after the effects of the cake wore off."
by chenkeng September 10, 2006
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A withered and deflated penis which is unable to undergo an erection.
Emmakins was unable to breath life into Ambrose's dishevelled lugworm.
by slssfw April 25, 2005
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When an individual intentionally messes up their appearance to give the impression that they don’t care how they look, but in reality care more than is possibly imaginable.
I cannot stand that meticulously disheveled douche bag standing there pining for her attention. You know he’s only looking at her because she’s in front of the mirror.
by FedUpInAZ September 22, 2010
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What you call the poop when you take a dump on someone's chest.
I took a shit on Dave's chest and gave him a dishevelled Goblin.
by undsioux7 January 25, 2023
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When someone’s ugliness effects their life dramatically,

Opposite to pretty privilege
by S/a/M February 12, 2023
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An ailment suffered by people who look like hell most of the time, even when they are trying hard to not look like hell.
Betty: There's Tom, looking like walking hell again.
Jenny: He's the fucking poster child for chronic dishevelment.
Betty: Ha!
by mark52million March 10, 2019
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