A dirty ass, skanky, piece of shit, scandalous bitch who tries to look and act a 100 times hotter than she can ever hope to be
What a dish rag, She just sucked my dick in the bathroom and she's making out with that dude over there.
by Gdevil July 4, 2009
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Another word for a person who is a douche bag.
Both words sound alike. But one feels less gross to say.
He cheats and flirts with other girls while he has a girlfriend, what a dish rag.
by ForeverNever_ July 9, 2011
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To get absolutely and positively owned, used, or abused. To be tossed down like a used dish rag after the dishes have been done. Generally used in the contexts of American football, fighting, and relationships.
1)"Wow, that running back just got dish-ragged by that Middle Linebacker."

2)"Rampage just dish-ragged that chump who tried to charge him."

3)"Man, Joe's girlfriend just dish-ragged his ass and left him for another dude."
by Bren G July 22, 2008
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A ho that’s used like a ‘dishrag’ by men in the neighborhood. Meaning she is a whore.
Yo man that ho is a damn dish rag.
She been doing everyone in the hood!
by Nerdboy1982! August 1, 2019
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after finishing on a girl's face you proceed to wipe off the white stuff with your balls
Last night when I gave my girl Russian dish rag, she was eternally grateful.

A Russian dish rag is better than no rag at all.
by Christo2states June 15, 2008
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When you piss your girlfriend off and she uses her used pad to wash your dishes.
Giiiirl Brian pissed me off so i gave him the dirty dish rag!
by WaKnbakn September 24, 2017
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