(1) A person or thing that irritates you.

(2) Somebody that smells like shit

(3) A person that doesn't wash their hair daily
John Cena: my son did you see that kid?
Yo momma: yea, that nigguh was OILY
John Cena: nah you oily, don't talk to me.
by neatlydone December 16, 2016
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Something like a noise or a person that’s ugly
Girl : Ewwww she’s so oily ...
by itsyagurlllxoxo August 31, 2019
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bizarre or eccentric; unusual or unexpected, especially in a sexual manner; kinky, like the chains of an unsaturated lipid (or oil); often involves spanking, bondage, teasing, and/or other types of fetishes. The term is applicable to a variety of things including people, acts, and items.
She just went to buy some bananas, whipped cream, and handcuffs. She is so oily.
That was the oiliest math test I've ever taken. All of the questions were about strippers, and they all had the same name as the professor.
Our Biology teacher makes us draw random pictures on the back of our tests while he shoots us with rubber bands. He is insanely oily.
by MitosisMan November 20, 2012
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Oili is a sweet and funny girl. She is very athletic, competitive, and she is very aggressive when she plays sports. She is very pretty and boys swoon over her. If you get to know her she is very funny. When you talk to her you can't help but laugh. She can make friends with everybody everywhere.
Person 1: OOOOO she's hot!
Person 2: She must be an Oili !
by Kamalani25 March 23, 2020
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A person, usually a man, who is perceived as being parasitic or of low moral principle and whose skin is also oily or who sweats a lot. Used also to refer to people of Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern and sometimes Jewish extraction. The target's occupation usually is one percieved as having a high rate of dishonesty or graft, and as such is often applied to politicians, lawyers, car salesmen, Hollywood agents, and pawn brokers.
"She's hired that oily lawyer again for her second divorce."
by WhooooAreYoooo April 26, 2006
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having to do with a person who is sly, ingratiating, unctuous, etc.
The way in which they see history, makes them seem all the more oily.
by The Return of Light Joker August 18, 2010
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