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The act of dipping your balls in glitter and consequently teabagging someone.
Whoever falls asleep first at this arts and crafts party gets the old disco balls!
by humungus April 22, 2011
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An other word for Edward Cullen, the pathetic whimpy vampire from the Twilight book series. Edward, instantly failing at the moment of creation,still has something special about him. Instead of burning down to the ground in pure awesomness like real vampires, Edward starts sparkling like a little bitch. Even though he fails at being a vampire (no shit sherlock), beheading him will turn him into a perfect disco ball. Edwards head needs sunlight to sparkle, but lubing it will make him go sunshine in the dark. It srsly works. I have Emmet's head laying in the closet, and Edward hanging on the ceiling.
'Holy shit dude, where did you get your disco ball, it's sparkling like a motherfucker!'.

'As if it was made to be this way.'
by VictoriousBoss January 25, 2010
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The result of accidentally using your girl friends glitter lotion to self-service.
I just rubbed one out and accidentally used my girlfriends glitter lotion, now I have disco balls.
by teamvagisil August 01, 2013
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Platinum teeth and Princess Cuts in a mouth/grill.
Diamonds all in my mouf, in my grill, and in my jaw, Platinum teeth and princess cuts, my mouf is similar to a disco ball. Ice shining like a chandelier.
by Lexys October 25, 2005
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An STD that you get from bangin a chick at a dance club
Dude, that raver skank gave me disco ball; my nuts won't stop itching!
by T DePuy September 30, 2005
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A condition of the male scrotum that occurs when a male is sitting on a toilet and flushes it causing the water to spray up onto his scrotum. The light shining through the beads of water on the scrotum light up the toilet bowl like a disco.
oh man, before i dropped a loaf, i had to take a leak and i didn't want for the piss water to splash me cuz i didn't know how big and heavy my loaf was going to be, so i flushed after leaking and gave myself an awesome set of disco balls. luckily i had my laser pointer in my pocket so i turned the toilet into Club Shitter. Reminded me of Germany.
by Disc0 Dave July 02, 2009
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