A nickname usually used as another term for a sexual action performed either orally or manually.
Jordan: Donnie and Marissa have been behind the bleachers for some time now. I wonder what they're doing.

Ronald: you know what they're doing. Marissa is probably doing the dirty deed.
by Scoopdevious May 28, 2016
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best movie ever... watch it now!!! also when buying whole wheat bread... INSPECT IT FOR HOLES!!!!!!!
these are the dirty deeds:
1 drink a beer in front of a cop
2 punch the toughest kid in town
3 meat on whole wheat with secret sauce
4 steal a giant blow up leprechaun and put it in the school
5 steal a dead body and put it in the middle of the school
6 get a homecoming queen's bra, signed
7 steal the night watchman's peg leg
8 steal a car worth over $100,000
9 find Duncan Rime
10 destroy the homecoming float
by danteglam February 22, 2008
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You receive a text saying "I'm doing the dirty deed, will be there soon."
by darkhorse13 February 8, 2012
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the phrase shouted out when you push a fellow human being into another, normally without them knowing. a good time to do this is to push the person into someone sitting down or to push them into someone bending over
by jason hua August 17, 2004
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used by the president of the United States Of America Funny Valentine, it is the one of the most op stands in the entire series.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap
1: best villain is Valentine
2: fuck no its Kira not that fuckin inter dimensional communist
1: you say that because you also wanna fuck hands
by Midly entertaining August 24, 2020
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1. AC/DC song

2. The stand from Jojo's bizarre adventure part 7

3. the act of sucking one's dick for a dollar
Funny Valentine: D4C
You, not a jojo fan: what
Funny Valentine: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
by FireFlareion January 28, 2021
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