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a dance performed by an animal called the lachlan cameron, a subspecies of asparagus. it involves swinging his girly arms around while kind of jumping on the spot.
possibly a dance to show his hapiness, or a mating ritual, the lachlan often performs this dance to men and young boys
two boys nick and angus, reported to police yesterday that a creature had attacked them by using its swinging arms and a thrusting hip movement. the boys are now in a critical condition. the creature has been descibed as having girly arms and was happily dancing away
by jason hua February 8, 2005
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here is a good comeback:
hey! u keep my mum outta this, and i'll keep 'this' outta ur mum
ya mum, huhuhuh im an idiot who uses this insult to everything
well, (use comeback here, u devilishly smart guy u)
by jason hua August 17, 2004
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the phrase shouted out when you push a fellow human being into another, normally without them knowing. a good time to do this is to push the person into someone sitting down or to push them into someone bending over
by jason hua August 17, 2004
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