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the unconsented stimulation of the anus. The "cawndawgger" will most usually use 2 or 3 fingers to shove up the victims rectum although, sometimes, a phallic object will be used. Prior to the common belief, this action is specifically used to cause physical discomfort in the victims asshole. When properly executed, the victim will be immobilized on the floor while the attacker rams his/her asshole. Usually performed when the victim is bending over as the anus is gaping.
Tim: why is Andrew limping today?

Connor: lucas and Brendan held him down and cawn dawged him as hard as they could.
by Scoopdevious January 11, 2017
When a double leg amputee puts bandanas on his stumps and rides down a hill on 2 skateboards under his stumps, while having an erect penis. At the bottom of the hill will be a midget with his asshole spread ready for the dongsled.
Peter: I heard that Jonah had a penile fraction for trying the Iraqi dongsled on Melinda.
by Scoopdevious May 28, 2016
When a man is recieving oral pleasure from a girl and after he ejaculates in her mouth, he slaps the back of her head, forcing the semen to spurt out of her nose like a dragon puffing smoke from its nostrils.
Lucas: yo did you hit Suzy with the Iraqi Dongsled?
David: nah, I pulled the ole' Snow Dragon.
by Scoopdevious May 28, 2016
physical disconfort in the scrotum due to excessive masterbation. Most commonly induced by the testicles slamming against the inside of the thighs/groin area for an elongated period of time.
Jeremy: The Pat's chance at a playoff run is ruined!

Isaiah: Why? What happened?

Jeremy: Brady is out 7-9 weeks with whacky sack!

Isaiah: I guess Giselle just isn't doing it for him anymore .
by Scoopdevious December 2, 2016
A nickname usually used as another term for a sexual action performed either orally or manually.
Jordan: Donnie and Marissa have been behind the bleachers for some time now. I wonder what they're doing.

Ronald: you know what they're doing. Marissa is probably doing the dirty deed.
by Scoopdevious May 28, 2016