a word to tease a friend who resembles the steryotypical suicide bomber. also a pyro
*friend says somthing pyro*

"your such a dirka..."
by Karl Evensburrough February 23, 2008
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A person of east-indian ethnicity, who enjoys pretending to be black, while actually suffering from extreme cowardice, lacking in fighting skills, and who must have an advantage to stand a chance in a fight (ie. knife). Also, someone who must have at least a 5 to 1 ratio in favor of themselves before commencing a fight, and who enjoys living with at least 15 people in the same, average sized house.
I got jumped by a dozen dirkas last night. It was close but i still won the fight.
by robin birdman mahony November 23, 2006
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Noun: An obtuse, careless, uncivilised, sneaky and untrustworthy individual. May be used to describe people of any ethnic background.
1.) That dirka just went through a red light!
2.) He didn't even say hello? That dirka!
by Elvishfarmer June 30, 2006
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A word used to describe a person, place OR thing that is; jacked off, fucked up, stupid, inferior, questionable, strange or fucked off.

This word may be integrated with other words, for example; dirkalicious, dirkafied, dirkatabulous
Now this is just fuckin' dirka Patrick, dirka!

Your so dirka, nasty.
by lady snowflake of the 615 July 06, 2010
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