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Right before ejaculation, shoving ones penis down the throat of the recipiant thus directly depositing the goods into the stomach.
She said that she didn't like the taste so I gave her a direct deposit.
by JJB1600 January 05, 2009
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A direct deposit is made when raw doggin it with a chick and you don't pull out.
Douchecunt #1: Hey man, did you wrap it up with that chick?
Douchecunt #2: Nah man, I had to raw dog it.
Douchecunt #1: Ahhh.. sick.
Douchecunt #2: AND I gave her a direct deposit!
Douchecunt #1: She'll be seeing you in 9 months.
by JBento June 09, 2009
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(Noun): To masturbate whilst standing on one's head, then upon the point of orgasm, shooting one's ejaculate into one's own mouth.
His shoulders on the ground and his naked backside pressed against the marine-themed wallpaper, the Direct Deposit left him with a face full of his own man-seed.
by Sir Michael McEwan April 29, 2008
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When someone is passed out, you drop your pants, place your sphincter directly on their nostrils, and let loose with an offensive wind storm.
"Danny passed out on the couch after a few too many, and I dropped my dockers to give him a direct deposit...he barfed all over my nuts."
by tommyboy79 October 19, 2005
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When you eat while on the toilet, also a method to lose weight.
When I'm in a rush, I use the direct-deposit method to save time, and lose weight.
by Urbd916 October 01, 2016
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