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The man custard that shoots from the penis when rubbing one out.
"That chick is so hot, when I get home I'm gonna pop off some knuckle babies. When doing so, she will tell me I am great, and I will believe her."
by tommyboy79 April 06, 2006
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One who prefers to have sexual relations with a dead person.
"Man, that Selena is so hot, I would fuck her corpse." Perfect example of a necropheliac.
by tommyboy79 October 12, 2005
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When someone is passed out, you drop your pants, place your sphincter directly on their nostrils, and let loose with an offensive wind storm.
"Danny passed out on the couch after a few too many, and I dropped my dockers to give him a direct deposit...he barfed all over my nuts."
by tommyboy79 October 19, 2005
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