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1- A small boat

2- (verb /adj) 'Dinghy' 'Dinghied'. Scottish. The act of being ignored, ignoring or intending to ignore or someone or something.
"Sling it a dinghy" ("Just ignore it")

"You goin intae work ae morra?" "Nah, fuck that mate; it's getting dinghied!" ("are you going into work tomorrow?" "No I am not")

"Here, at bird dinghied you a fuckin cracker!" ("That girl just ignored you, and she made no attempt to conceal it")

"Ere's John ower there, stawnin ootside ae cairry-oot shop" "Och, dinghy that cunt: he gets on ma fuckin nerves"

("There's our friend John at the wine merchants" "Just ignore him, he can be quite tiresome")
by Jesuscommando June 01, 2013
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1- A type of small boat
2- a Scottish sland term for a loner. It can also be a verb to describe the action of making someone a loner. Dinghies are viewed as sad people with no friends, who eat their lunch aloe and talk to themselves, which makes for (funny-as) conversations.
1- He headed to sea in a dinghy
2- Dave's such a dinghy, having lunch on his own.
(verb) All his friends dinghied Dave and left him alone for lunch
by Ana Karenina August 18, 2009
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An expression of disbelief, to imply the other person is lying or boasting.
My family has six Ferraris.

by Dundonian June 13, 2011
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In reference to the clitoris and hood looking like a little man in a boat. Also see v'jj
I was paddling her dinghy so hard I capsized that shit!
by Aletariel - Lupychica June 10, 2008
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