1. To be left alone or ditched by your friends
2. If you're talking to someone and they ignore you
1. Micheal: Haha look at James over there!
Claire: I know all his mates have just dingied him - laughed at!

2. Lauryn: I just said I didn't want to see him anymore, what do you think?
Carlolyn: ...
Lauryn: Are you even listening?
Carolyn: You what?
Lauryn: Oh my God, dingied a dillion!
by huni buni November 13, 2005
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to be left alone
i.e. to be ditched
u better not dingy me!
by goldy November 5, 2003
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Use in the place of any word meaning 'penis'. Also a name to call your best friend.
Worm, your such a dingis. Dang, now thats one huge dingis.
by Riker April 22, 2006
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n. A low-functioning nimrod.
Is Ralph eating paste again? God, that guy's such a dingis.
by jizzlebertus July 24, 2003
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the little thing that is between a man's legs that becomes quite large; either in the morning or on a Tuesday. It has a mind of it's own. It usually becomes aroused when it sees females or Adam Morrison.
For some reason, Dirty Dave's dingis becomes more irresistable on Tuesdays!
by Wormathon October 14, 2006
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Said after a mistake to the person that made the mistake.
Jim broke the neighbors window, he is a dingis.
by raiderssoccer11 November 20, 2009
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