Spanish word for girl-chic
Que onda morra?
What's up girl?

Es mi morra.
She's my girlfriend or she's my chic.
by fabyx September 28, 2005
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Offensive, norwegian slang that can be directly translated as "Yo mama"
Can also be spelled "Mor di". Considered very offensive in the norwegian-pakistani community.
Morra di er mann! - Meaning your mama is male.
by 696969ANon69 October 25, 2005
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morra di, is something norwegians say to eachother when someone talks shit.

kinda like a norwegian version of “ok boomer
«du er jævla stupid ass bror»

«morra di»
by Dadisinprison November 17, 2019
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Nickname Jewfro, usually the sexiest man at St. Brother Andre Catholic High School. Has a penis the size of Ron Jeremy addition to that another full grown anaconda. Probably the best guy to sleep with due to capacity to last 72 hours straight. He has the greatest pick-up lines ever, and can make up many more on the spot. One glimpse of him will automatically blow-up your ovaries or testicles (depending on gender).
Girl: I looked at Jewfro and my ovaries blew up like Nagasaki.
Flaming Homosexual: OMG! My testicles literally exploded, i think i need to go to the ER.
Andrew Morra: Thats what you get for looking at me with my shirt off.
by Hentailover1234 March 06, 2013
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that guy from eku who is a dirt scooter rider, chews snuff all day, plays cod all day, and gets ripped during the weekend.
dude there goes dom morra
by dukes101 April 11, 2011
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It's the orcish word for "human" though it's only used in the video game Gothic 3 , published back in 2006 and developed by Piranha Bytes. Gothic 3 orcs use this term to make themselves look superior to the morras.
Example 1: "Make yourself useful, Morra!"

Example 2: "Don't get yourself killed, Morra."
by Morrahunter September 15, 2018
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