Dinah is da finest gurl i ever met she one n a million she is super hot and if u r da right guy she will be loyal for u she is R.O.D she is caring she is mean but sweet she loves to eat and she is a freak lowkey
Damnnn Dinah
by prettygirl;10101 March 28, 2018
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A term to describe something absolutely amazing. This word sums up things that are so great..you can't find the words to use. Well this is it.
Dude, last night with that girl was unbelievably dinah!
by rayray7209 March 23, 2008
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Hottest girl you'll ever come across! Gorgeous face, amazing tits and a great ass! Hard to find but a real dream girl. If she's sexy, sweet, smart and practically flawless... chances are her name is Dinah.

Also known as:


*Sex goddess

*Marriage Material

*An Angel
"I've met the girl of my dreams, from head to toe this girl was simply a Dinah!"

"I wanna meet a Dinah."
by Jonathan1983 August 15, 2008
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A girl who can't babysit.
Did you see how Dinah lost Bella while babysitting?
by -fans January 5, 2017
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savage personality
beautiful and charming features
super cool person to be around
would do anything for her family and is the type of person you'd like to hang out with after a bad day . would do anything and everything to keep her dearest loved ones happy and contented.
boy : hey you're pretty dinah adlina don't ya think?
girl: ouh wow thanks that means alot
by Elena katherina Theresa June 11, 2017
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Blue Ivy : Where is my sister?
Blue Dinah : No worries dawg Blue Dinah right here.
by Blue Dinah April 2, 2013
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Dinah Cancer is the stage name of Mary Simms. She is a vocalist, best known for her punk band 45 Grave, one of the founders of the genre of music known as "Deathrock".
Dinah Cancer is the shit.
by Tim Fahrenreich January 23, 2006
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