A "Diggory" is a jittery person, not because of drug use but because he's stressed out of his mind. So high strung, uptight and anxious. You'd figure he will have an ulcer by the age of 25.
Guy 1: Dude that's like your 4th cup of coffee relax.
Guy 2: I can't help it! I'm freaking out man, this exam is like 20% of our final grade!
Guy 1: Jeez, don't be such a Diggory.
by The nigga chillen October 09, 2017
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a sick guy with an extraodinary talent for music. he can make a fish cum in a record 30 seconds and no one has ever denied his smexy d#ck
dont let diggory near your fish
by KONJIMN July 02, 2019
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the only man ever. he carried goblet of fire. period.
no one:

absolutely no one:
cedric diggory: *breathes*
me: passes out and is 32 months pregnant <3
by haha lol xd November 04, 2020
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The man of my dreams. He is hot, a hufflepuff like myself, strong, handsome, and did I mention he is the most wonderful human/wizard being EVER.
I don’t care if Cedric Diggory is dead, I love him!
by simpforcedric September 10, 2020
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