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Used confuse the mind into thinking it says big dick
Wow! Dig Bick
by SPELL ICUP NIBBA February 10, 2017
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A spoonerism of the words "big dick." The first letters of the two words are switched around the same way as in the words "tig ol bitties."
1. I've got such a dig bick, which is one of the reasons sinful ladies love me!

2. That movie really sucked dig bick.

3. My dig bick. Your tig ol bitties. Yeah we are the perfect sex couple!
by Mark H July 19, 2004
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Something people use to say they have a big dick but according them dig bick sounds funnier.
You: Hey Man I have a dig bick
Your Friend: STFU
You: rawr xD
by q1wsdefrtghyujkilo;p[ February 23, 2017
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