a bad case of diarreha noun
Little Johnny had a bad case of DI DI last night and sprayed the toilet
by Jimmy123456 May 08, 2006
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The BEST name in the world. You can't use her name as 'a Didi' for there is NO such thing as 'a Didi'. Her name should always be capital, never 'didi'. She is kind, thoughtful, and generous. She gives something to every person she knows everyday, even if it's just a little thing. But none of you ever notice. You should say thank you to her every day. She is also brave, daring, and courageous. She sticks up for her friends every day in the face of anyone who is mean to her friends. She is popular, friendly, and she is friends with every girl. She is polite, kind, and sweet. She cares about everyone, even you! She always says 'please, thank you, and I'm sorry', however she never has been told thank you, except when holding the door for you, so she never gets a chance to say 'your welcome'. She is pretty, lovely, and cute, but she doesn't know it, so tell her sometime. She is smart, intelligent, and wise, but she gets annoyed if you ask her for help with your math homework, so don't. She gets grades above 93%! She is helpful, like if you drop your books, she will help you pick them up, and she will hold the door for you! Cats are not the only thing to her! In fact, she likes bunnies and deer better! But if you get her a present, she doesn't want it animal themed. She likes snow and snow days, but she'd rather be in Florida chillin' on the beach. Her favorite subjects are art, Spanish, history, and English. Her favorite types of movies are ones with dystopian universes.
Didi cannot be used in a sentence.
by Didlewormbeetle44 January 04, 2018
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the pSH girl, "DD" for short
me: hey DD do we have homework?
DiDi: pSH, don't call me "DD"
by Corrupted Destiny October 14, 2003
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Older, highly insecure, abusive, Indian Sister. Term which younger siblings must use to avoid beatings, slappings, etc.
"DiDi, please stop dragging me from room to room by my hair!"
by Observant_One July 06, 2006
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