A dickshot is when you are out hunting and Dick Cheney appears and shoots you. This has happened recently to a lawyer who said tapping phone lines is wrong.
"Man, that 78 year old lawyer who got dickshot just had a heart attack"
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Unofficial, Punitive, extra duty assigned by a superior ranked non-commissioned officer in the Marine Corps that happens when you get caught fucking off or fucking up.
PFC Screwsupalot just got caught with a dirty rifle. I bet Corporal Asshandler is going to give him a dickshot for it.

"Why is PFC Dumbshit mopping the floor with a towel?"

"Oh, Seargent Hardass is giving him a dickshot for sleeping at his post."
by Seargeant Hardass August 18, 2011
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To smack someone you don't like or someone who thinks they are better than you with your penis.
Ramon had taken all he could take and finally snapped and when the frie cook went on his break, he walked over to him and gave him a dickshot.
by The Perm May 24, 2007
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1. (n.) Semen, specifically the drops of splattered ejaculate (generally on another person's face), analogous to the tiny metal pellets often used in shotgun ammunition.

2. (v. intr.) To be assaulted by someone who holds, or has held, the office of Vice President of the United States of America (so named after 46th Vice President, Richard Cheney).

3. (v. tr.) To ejaculate on someone's face.

4. (v. tr.) To injure someone by careless accident.
Some atest Hamilton's last words were, "I don't believe it! Aaron Burr just totally dickshot me!"

I dickshot that slut until she needed a towel for each side of her face.

The truck driver was horrified once he realized willful lack of sleep was the reason why he completely dickshot the man now lying in the crosswalk.
by Pahana February 16, 2006
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When a boy/man gets shot in the genital area. It won't kill you, but it'll kill your manhood and your dignity. Simultaneously.
Butters: *dickshot* to some dude.

Cartman: God dammit Butters, don't shoot a person in the dick! Not cool, man. Not cool.
by JimboWales August 19, 2010
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buried by dickshots—(adj.) BARE-eed bi DIK-shotz
Actively dating online, as a female.
Are you seeing anyone steady?
Nah, I'm just buried by dickshots.
by Chillanthropist January 02, 2012
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