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A term used to describe two round objects held in a sack underneath the human males shlong.
Justin was caught cheating by his wife, so she dragged him out of bed by the dickleberries.
by Schneebs17 August 18, 2018
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A stupid or wimpy person. Often used with "sissy" as a prefix; ie "sissy dickleberry."
Joe's being a sissy dickleberry about going out with us tonight
by The damn co-op December 05, 2004
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Remnants of toilet paper that become rolled up and stuck in the crack of yo ass, usually hanging off the hair.

Dingleberry = shit
Dickleberry = tp
Shaniqua, get them damn dickleberrys out yo ass - it ain't supposed to be snowin' down there bitch!
by downunderwonder December 12, 2007
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Dickleberries simular to dingleberries but instead of shit hanging off your ass hole hair, it is cum hanging off your dick or dick hair.
I had to pick the dickleberries off Justin's cock from today's morning sex to get it nice and slobbery wet to slide in my moist cunt.
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by Brand B May 19, 2018
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