To wipe your asshole after with a dick. Just like toliet paper except with a dick.
1) Frank used Jared as a dick wipe.

2) D-PLY
by Manuelr11 May 11, 2015
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When you rip your dick off and wipe the cum off the whores face with it.
Fuck man did you see that guy use his dick wiper?
by Lerrroyyyyyyyyyyyyyy May 11, 2015
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When you're doing anal and you notice you have a little shit on your dick and rather than get a towel, you just wipe it off on a cheek and sick back in like the beast you are underneath.
"Man last night me and shelly were doin butt stuff and i noticed i had shit on my dick, so i did that dick wiping thing and stuck it back in dry."
by jjbrack77 January 11, 2016
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Uses his degree to condescend to everyone around him. Most times the information is inaccurate and easily verifiable via the internet.
"Sorry about Ryan. I just googled it and grapes don't actually grow underground. He's just another dick with a degree."
by starspawnofcthulu February 13, 2018
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That one bitch that will go out of her way to get her friends dick
Hey bitch I kinda want some dick today”
“ I fucking got you
“Aw you’re such a good dick wizard!!”
by Esther Carolina July 13, 2019
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a wiggle in your dick that sets off a chain of reactions that results in a dick blow
that girl made my dick wobble, i don't know what is going on bro. i have two hands and i don't think it's in it.
by bosskid3000 May 08, 2020
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