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The act of urinating in a persons anus and letting your penis stew in the urine and feces then withdrawing your penis from the impromptu brine and inserting it into the awaiting persons mouth.
John peed in that girls butt and before she knew it she was enjoying a nice tasty dick pickle!
by lewlcatsomg666 December 15, 2008
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Enlongated pickles that have the appearance of male genitalia, having two "Pickle Warts" near the bottom of the pickle, to have the appearance of the male penis or dick with 2 (usually) miniscule testicles.
Henry, look at these pickles, they look like penises!
Yes Tom, they do, i believe they are called Dick Pickles.
by Bay Area Chuck August 23, 2006
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when you get into a mess cause you thought with your dick
Guy: "woah that women is hot I am gonna fuck her tonight."
Dick: "go for it dude."
Later it turns out that she was the daughter of a cop who Jailed you for dating his daughter
Guy: I am in a real Dickpickle
by Christownnews July 04, 2017
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