A person who be showing all that fake love to people they become friends with
by Nishaabxxx June 12, 2019
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someone who doesn’t know when to stop dickriding
kimberly is a dickrider
by dictionaryprodigy January 03, 2019
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a dickrider is a person who is always trying to follow people and start drama and are always on peoples dick !
get the fuck away from me you are a dickrider
via giphy
by tyb-taliaa February 05, 2020
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Those girls that only talk, and hang around with the hottest kid but never talks to anyone else and makes gross noises when others pass her.
Friend 1: Did you see that girl last class?
Friend 2: Yeah I did, shes a Dick Rider!
by RedForsberg August 25, 2020
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