A dick rider is a nigga who hops on hypetrains(bandwagons). For example 3 years ago nobody payed attention to the golden state worriors. Now suddenly everyone in the world reps them. Also seahawks what a bigg ass bandwagon team. Niggas was hopin on they dick from 2011+. 1 more exapmle in XXXtentacion. When this nigga was on souncloud nobody fucked wit him but soon as some shit hit youtube everybody fucked wit him. Then niggas started fuckin wit him heavy and shit. Now this niggas summining demods n shit and i wonder who else gunna do the same
by Real nigga dictionary July 21, 2017
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Someone who literally won't get off your dick and mind their own business. They live just to ride your dick.
1. Sarah is so fuckin nosy, she's being a dick rider
2. Stop being a dick rider and fuck off, John.
by sarahmourz October 22, 2020
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A person who is obsessed about someone, but, the feeling isn't mutual.
That kid is a dick rider, he beat me once for $5 when I'm up hundreds on him.
by zSplits December 5, 2018
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someone who always speaks good on another’s name, who never says anything bad. This could be about anyone. They do not have to be a fan, like, or favor the person they dick ride.
the warriors are so good, nobody can beat them but I hate them- Dick rider
by Brett88 February 5, 2018
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When a nigga stay on people dick hatin and shit. Never mind his own business and always trying to hop on dick when ever he get the chance. Usually finds a dick rider somewhere trying to prove everyone wrong even tho nobody was talking to him.
Guy 1- aye bro you watched the game last night lebron dropped 40.

Guy 2- damn that’s cool

Guy 3 (dick rider)- bro he had 39 not 40 you idiots.
by Dick rider patrol March 6, 2022
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A dick rider is slang that came from NJ. It means a person who always annoy someone or aggravates them. They would constantly bother you with something until they make you mad about it. Most of the time they do this to get attention from you or everyone else. They could be the person that annoys you the most. A group of people could also be dick riders.
Example: He's such a dick rider.

Example 2: This school always dick riding. ("This school" meaning the teachers or the school in general.)
by urban.shxt December 6, 2018
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